This bike starts first kick and runs like a dream. I just can’t keep off it, every time I take it out people are pulling up long side me and winding down the windows to ask questions. It’s a real head turner for sure. The note from the original Burgess silencers is  stellar! The 21 inch tooth front sprocket gives a really nice ride, you are constantly surprised with the torque that this twin can produce. I have not really revved the motor excessively or done much over 60 mph as the mileage is still pretty low and I’m in the “running in” frame of mind but it has plenty in it for when the time comes to “let it rip” as they say.

The bike comes with the original tool kit in it’s original cloth pouch.

Also included are the original “Instruction Manual” and the original “Workshop Instruction Manual”

Another nice little piece of history I am including is a “1955 Triumph Model Line Review” released in 1954 it takes a look at many of the features of the 1955 Triumph Model line up. It was printed in 1954 for the 55 season. It’s a genuine item taken from a real 1954 magazine and not a reprint!


To crown it all I will be including a small, four page brochure from Triumphs heyday, commemorating the speed records set in 1955.
This is original and again not a re-print. It’s in perfect condition.

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