General: Engine and frame are matching numbers and the bike is titled in Florida. At the time of writing I have put about 100 miles on the clock so that gave me the chance to re-torque the head, and give the bike a good going over to ensure nothing had loosened etc.

NOS: A few parts were missing but I managed to locate either new old stock where possible or old original parts for almost everything I needed. The dipper switch is not correct but hopefully one will turn up soon.

Engine: This engine has what’s know as the “big bearing crank” (the good one to have) but the original crank was in bad shape! but I was lucky enough to pick up a 71 crank which is actually the last year that could be used in this motor. The journals are standard – it’s never been ground! You couldn’t get a better crank shaft. Of course I cleaned the sludge trap, replaced the main bearings (putting a roller in the drive side) new shells and bolts and well yes polished the rods for whatever reason – I just like polished aluminum as you can see in the gallery. I replaced the cam bushes and installed 3134 cams.  The bore was +20 and Dan the machine shop man (who built dragster motors for a living back in the day) just wanted new pistons and Hepolite rings so that is what was put in after a hone of course. The head was a mess so I picked up several, as you do and out of those 1 was selected, new valves, bronze guides and springs where expertly installed by Dan the man after we decided to leave .0025 on the guide clearance instead of the factory .0022 tolerance as we are in Florida and it is darn hot here and there is a possibility that I might win the lotto and actually be able to keep this bike for myself!!!  Rocker boxes,  all components where fine,  and yes I did put those awkward little shims on the inside towards the center of the casting and the spring washers are taking up the end float nicely.

Ignition: The bike arrived to me with a magneto but luckily our friends at friends at Ace Classics put me straight when I was ordering the wiring loom – this was supposed to have a distributor. Humm. I picked up a distributor, coil, NOS coil mount bracket and NOS distributor drive gear.

Gearbox: It was in good shape and after a rebuild, just replacing the bearings and seal I have a really nice box. Shifts smoothly and believe it or not there’s no little whine in 3rd gear like most of them tend to do. Many years ago in my youth I drove a Thunderbird chop and on it I put a 21 tooth front sprocket and really liked it so this one has similar. New Genuine Renold primary and final drive chains have been fitted to the bike.

Clutch: The correct 4 spring clutch was fine, all I did was replace the springs really. It is smooth and doesn’t clunk at all knocking into gear from neutral.

Paint: The bike is finished with Nitro-Cellulose paint which is the correct type for that period.

Fasteners: The original nuts and bolts have been re-used throughout the bike. Each face of each nut and bolt was resurfaced and polished before being Cadmium plated.

Please have a look at the gallery and feel free to contact me with any questions
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