1938: The Triumph Speed Twin was the predecessor of the Thunderbird and when it was introduced in 1938 it was to have a massive impact on the entire industry. The parallel twin was here to stay. Edward Turner’s 500cc OHV was a winner.

1949:  The American market was a little more demanding than the home market and Turner delivered in 1949 with the launch of the 6t 650cc Thunderbird.  It was released to the public with a grand publicity event where 3 factory standard bikes were ridden from the Meriden factory near Coventry England to a race track south of Paris. There they were raced for 500 miles, averaging speeds of 92 mph and promptly ridden back to the factory. At last, an affordable bike that was reliable and could break that magic 100 mph barrier.

1953:  Triumph got a mighty boost when Marlon Brando’s “The Wild One” hit the movies. Every young kid wanted a Thunderbird, capable of the ton, and better still, easy to work at with plenty of room for modification and tuning . Subcultures were forming, motorcycles were to become much more than a mode of transport for many people. Reliability had greased the way for fun and adventure and eventually a lifestyle for the adventurous.

1955: This Thunderbird I have for sale is a 1955 6t and that was a great year for the folks at Meriden as Triumph pushed the land speed record up to 245.667 mph with this parallel twin engine design. Triumph continued to dominate and maintained “The Worlds Fastest Motorcycle” title right through to 1970. Quite an achievement you must admit!

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